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Kenny Rogers - Hits 2019

01. Once Again She’s All Alone

02. New Design

03. Where Does Rosie Go

04. Goodtime Liberator

05. Ticket to Nowhere

06. Trying Just as Hard

07. We All Got to Help Each Other

08. Last Few Threads of Love

09. Homemade Lies

10. She Even Woke Me up to Say Goodbye

11. Always Leaving, Always Gone

12. Hurry up Love

13. If Wishes Were Horses

14. Girl Get a Hold of Yourself

15. Me and Bobby Mcgee

16. Poem for My Little Lady

17. Calico Silver

18. What Am I Gonna Do

19. I Just Want to Give My Love to You

20. Elvira

21. Ruben James

22. Shadow in the Corner of Your Mind

23. Love Woman

24. Run Thru Your Mind

25. Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town

26. It’s Gonna Be Better

27. But You Know That I Love You

28. Sleep Comes Easy

29. A Stranger in My Place

30. Shine on Ruby Mountain

31. I’m Gonna Sing You a Sad Song Susy

32. Molly

33. Loser

34. Sunshine

35. It’s Raining in My Mind

36. After All (I Live My Life)

37. All God’s Lonely Children

38. Church Without a Name

39. Heed the Call

40. Tell It All Brother

41. Conditions (Just Dropped In)

42. For the Good Times

43. My Washington Woman

44. Tulsa Turnaround

45. The Way It Used to Be

46. I Found a Reason

47. Something’s Burning

48. King of Oak Street

49. Lay It Down


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