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100 Historical Songs 2019



01. Stairway To Heaven.- Led Zeppelin.

02. Smoke On The Water.- Deep Purple.

03. Lookin' out My Back Door.- Creedence.

04. Around the World.- Red Hot Chili Peppers.

05. Grace.- Jeff Buckley.

06. Bed of Roses.- Bon Jovi.

07. Rocks Off.- The Rolling Stones.

08. Prisoners In Paradise.- Europe.

09. Free Bird.- Lynyrd Skynyrd.

10. Hello.- Oasis.

11. Brothers In Arms.- Dire Straits.

12. Heat of the Moment.- Asia.

13. Get Ready.- Rare Earth.

14. Born In The U.S.A.- Bruce Springsteen.

15. If You Can't Give Me Love.- Suzi Quatro.

16. Elvis Impersonator Blackpool Pier.- Manic Street Preachers.

17. Drive My Car.- Beatles.

18. Have You Ever Been.- Jimi Hendrix.

19. Parklife.- Blur.

20. Movin' In.- Chicago.

21. The Score.- Fugees.

22. Tell Me Why.- Neil Young.

23. I Still Do.- The Cranberries.

24. If I Was Your Girlfriend.- Prince.

25. Motherless Children.- Eric Clapton.

26. Intruder.- Peter Gabriel.

27. A Trick Of The Tail.- Genesis.

28. What The... Are We Saying.- Lenny Kravitz.

29. Standin' In The Rain.- ELO.

30. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.- Elton John.

31. Alive.- Pearl Jam.

32. Isn't She Lovely.- Stevie Wonder.

33. I'd Have You Anytime.- George Harrison.

34. Wild World.- Cat Stevens.

35. All I Really Want.- Alanis Morissette.

36. Piano & I.- Alicia Keys.

37. Strange Brew.- Cream.

38. Supervixen.- Garbage.

39. Make It.- Aerosmith.

40. Something.- Beatles.

41. Sign 'o' The Times.- Prince.

42. Harding.- Bob Dylan.- ELO.

43. All Things Must Pass.- George Harrison.

44. Love Song.- The Cure.

45. Never Be The Same.- Christopher Cross.

46. Avalon.- Roxy Music.

47. Breakfast in America.- Supertramp.

48. Imagine.- John Lennon.

49. Love's In Need Of Love Today.- Stevie Wonder.

50. Turn To Stone.- ELO.




01. Hotel California.- Eagles.

02. Massachusetts.- Bee Gees.

03. Year Of The Cat.- Al Stewart.

04. For What It's Worth.- Buffalo Springfield.

05. Bad.- Michael Jackson.

06. Le Freak.- Chic.

07. Break On Through.- The Doors.

08. Drive.- R.E.M.

09. Black Magic Woman.- Santana.

10. The Man Machine.- Kraftwerk.

11. Hangin' Round.- Lou Reed.

12. Money.- Pink Floyd.

13. You Still Believe In Me.- Beach Boys.

14. Is This Love.- Bob Marley.

15. Lady Stardust.- David Bowie.

16. Are You Gonna Go My Way.- Lenny Kravitz.

17. Like a Prayer.- Madonna.

18. Dreams.- Fleetwood Mac.

19. Sledgehammer.- Peter Gabriel.

20. Wonderwall.- Oasis.

21. Every Breath You Take.- The Police.

22. Under The Bridge.- Red Hot Chili Peppers.

23. You Can't Always Get What You Want.- The Rolling Stones.

24. 1999.- Prince.

25. Dust N' Bones.- Guns N' Roses.

26. Devils Haircut.- Beck.

27. Faith.- George Michael.

28. Human Behavior.- Bjork.

29. London Calling.- The Clash.

30. What's Going On.- Marvin Gaye.

31. Civil War.- Guns N' Roses.

32. Smells Like Teen Spirit.- Nirvana.

33. Dancing With The Moonlit Knight.- Genesis.

34. Invaders.- Iron Maiden.

35. September.- Earth Wind & Fire.

36. Losing My Religion.- R.E.M.

37. King of the Night Time World.- Kiss.

38. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.- U2.

39. Thirty-Three.- The Smashing Pumpkins.

40. One.- U2.

41. Thriller.- Michael Jackson.

42. Dance Little Sister.- Terence Trent D'Arby.

43. Can't Quit You Baby.- Led Zeppelin.

44. Purple Rain.- Prince & the Revolution.

45. Too Hot To Handle.- Ufo.

46. Karma Police.- Radiohead.

47. Sympathy For The Devil.- The Rolling Stones.

48. Dust in the Wind.- Kansas.

49. Are You Experienced.- Jimi Hendrix.

50. Boogie Wonderland.- Earth Wind & Fire.


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